Cornwall and Beyond
Oh, Cornwall, keeper of the ancient flame, Where every rock and hill bears a name, Your spirit lingers in the windswept moor, A testament to all that came before.
In sacred circles, stones tell tales untold, Of rituals performed in days of old, Where earth and sky converged in mystic dance, And echoes of the past still hold their trance.
The tin mines whisper secrets of the past, Of toil and labour that forever last, And in the rugged landscape, ancient hearts, Beat with the rhythm of the land's own arts.
So let us wander through your ancient lands, And feel the power that your history commands, For in your timeless beauty, we may find, The echoes of the past, forever intertwined.
Beneath the skies of azure, wide and grand, Lie remnants of a mystical land, Where Druids roamed with wisdom in their eyes, And magic dwelled beneath the starlit skies.