Along Cornwall's coast, where the rugged path winds, Seapinks sway in the breeze, their beauty unconfined. Their petals, a tapestry of hues, kissed by the sea, whispering tales of ancient shores, wild and free.
Perched on cliffs, they cling with steadfast grace, A riot of colour in a windswept place. Their fragrance fills the air, a salty, sweet perfume, Guiding wanderers along the path to their bloom.
With every step, they dance in the salty spray, A testament to resilience in the face of the bay. Their roots dig deep, anchoring them to the land, As waves crash below, relentless and grand.
Oh, seapinks of Cornwall, your beauty does inspire, A symbol of endurance amidst the ocean's ire. May your petals ever bloom, brightening the coast's embrace, guiding souls along the path, to find their rightful place.

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