Upon the craggy shores of Cornwall's pride, St. Michael's Mount, where legends coincide. A granite sentinel, kissed by sea and sky, In ancient whispers, stories there abide.
Majestic rises, crowned with ancient stone, A beacon standing tall, a kingdom's throne. Guardian of the tides, it watches o'er, Where tales of old in whispered echoes moan.
From Arthur's realm to tales of mermaids fair, The mount holds secrets in its salty air. Legends of saints and knights, they intertwine, With every wave that breaks, they linger there.
Oh, St. Michael's Mount, in beauty's embrace, A timeless witness to each era's trace. With every sunset's kiss, a new tale spun, A sanctuary, bound by time and space.

So let us wander where the seagulls soar, Upon the windswept cliffs and ancient lore. For in St. Michael's Mount, history thrives, A treasure trove of stories to explore.

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