Along the cliffs, where seagulls soar, The South West Coast Path winds evermore. A ribbon of trail, by land and sea entwined, In nature's embrace, a journey undefined.
From Devon's shores to Cornwall's realm, It weaves through landscapes like a sacred helm. Past rugged cliffs and sandy coves it roams, A pathway to adventure, calling hearts and homes.
With each step taken, a new vista unfolds, As waves crash below, and stories untold. The scent of salt hangs heavy in the air, As wanderers heed the trail, without a care.
Through heathered moors and ancient woods it meanders, Guiding souls to nature's whispers and wonders. With every turn, a moment to behold, A treasure trove of beauty, pure and bold.
In every rocky crag and sandy beach, The South West Coast Path teaches what words can't teach. It speaks of freedom, of wildness unrestrained, In the rhythm of the waves, a melody sustained.
So let us walk this path, with hearts aglow, And let its spirit guide us where we go. For in the South West Coast Path's embrace, We find the beauty of nature's grace.

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