Upon the Cornish coast, where cliffs stand tall, The Coastguard lookout keeps watch over all. Perched on high, against the azure sky, A sentinel of safety, where seagulls fly.
With keen eyes trained on the restless sea, The lookout scans the horizon tirelessly. In weather fair or in storm's fierce might, Their duty remains, to keep watch through the night.
From the rugged cliffs to the sandy shore, They guard the coastline, forevermore. With binoculars poised and radio in hand, They stand ready to aid, to protect the land.
In times of peril, they are the guiding light, A beacon of hope in the darkest night. Their vigilance unwavering, their resolve strong, In the Coastguard lookout, we all belong.
So here's to the brave souls who keep watch each day, In the Coastguard lookout, where duty holds sway. May their efforts never cease, may they always stand, Guardians of the coastline, a steadfast band.

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