Upon a beach adorned with rocks both grand and tall, And pebbles polished smooth, where gentle waters call.
As day descends, the sky becomes a canvas wide, streaks of orange and pink, a majestic tide. The sun, a blazing ball, sinks into the sea, Casting shadows long, a farewell symphony.
The rocks, like ancient sentinels, stand steadfast and strong, Silhouetted 'gainst the sky, where memories belong. Their weathered faces tell of time's eternal dance, Guardians of the shoreline in a timeless trance.
Beneath them, pebbles gather, in shades of every hue, Whispering tales of journeys, both old and new. Each one a story held within its silent gaze, Carried by the tides in the ocean's endless maze.
As twilight falls and stars begin to softly gleam, The beach becomes a haven, a place to dream. With rocks and pebbles as companions in the night, We watch the sunset fade, a moment pure and bright.
In Cornwall's embrace, where land and sea entwine, The beauty of a sunset is a treasure ever fine. And in the quiet of the evening, as the waves softly roll, We find solace in the magic of a sunset's soul.

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